Jessica makes sound art and video collage. One of her side projects is called tay_ploops (pronounced tape loops) where she records stuff from her day to day using handheld cassette tapes to create layered and looped compositions from the collected bits. The following three videos were created using sounds and video gathered during the time spent in and around Shelley’s death.

Video 1 – “tidal loc” wonky sound is from a cassette recording of a broken tuning fork. Jessica filmed and edited footage on unceded coast salish territories, near Still Creek, in a car wash on Terminal ave, of the melting ice on mossy rock beach, and a crawling isopod in the same spot. Footage of jessica dancing on the beach from brandon schwinn dec 2018.

Video 2 – “enterr” footage shot through binoculars in roberts creek in dec 2018. Text from motherpeace tarot: “the moon” and “the wheel of time” cards chosen and read aloud to Shelley on dec 13th 2018.

Video 3 – “dish of orcas” 20 songs, 20 seconds each. field recordings, dream journal excerpts, ukulele, jaw harp, voice, plucking elastic bands. Footage taken at various locations on the Sunshine Coast and Vancouver in 2018-2019. Released in Feb 2020.

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